Developing Your Personal Bucket List: Part 1

I recently saw the movie "The Bucket List" and while BucketsI think the movie itself was great, it could have delved deeper into the importance of such a task.  Why wait until we are dying to develop such a list? 

One of the portions of the financial and life planning I teach is to develop goals that are truly close to your soul, passions and being.      

The following is a step by step process to determine your core values and then to develop goals and a bucket list that is in line with those core values. 

Why would someone want to do this: 

1st - Two causes of regret and mid life crisis's in our later years are because of:

  • search of an undefined dream or goal
  • a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished

2nd - Writing down goals and reviewing them frequently will keep us on track and motivated to accomplish our goals to keep #1 from happening. 


Step one is Discovering Your Core Values

Many people try to set their goals and values based on how they see themselves through the eyes of others or by some other measure: The media, expectations, etc.

Core values are things you value or love:

Being outdoors
Staying healthy
Growing in Faith

Take 30 minutes and write down what you truly believe your core values may be and no matter how crazy or far fetched, just keep writing.

Sometimes Wanting Is Better Than Having

Abslide Now do this, go to your closet or garage and look in it.  I guarantee that there is something in their that at the time you just absolutely had to have, you could not live without it and then once you got it, you used it a little and now it just occupies space. 


Often times we buy things but they do not match up with our core values.  If you love walking outdoors but go and buy a treadmill, this makes no sense!

Make a list of all the things that you absolutely had to have but now are collecting dust and see of they match your core values or not.

Next post we'll look at What We Really, Really Want and Designing a Bucket List to Match It.