Worship - not just a place to gather

Holy-prayer Sunday Morning's, if this is the time for you to prepare your hearts to Worship should be a start of a glorious morning. Let me ask you this question, are you going to church to be entertained by great worship music and exciting preaching and fun and clean programs for your children or are you going to church to give God the praise and worship he so rightly deserves.  After all, do you not know that your body is a temple of God, in which the Holy Spirit dwells.  Do we sanctify ourselves one day a week and then spend the rest of the week defiling it with inputs from shameful images, harmful language, unhealth food and the like?  Let me step back to yesterday, Saturday Morning was a time for our weekly men's bible studay and as I found myself rolling out of bed and struggling to move toward the coffee machine that had already made me hot coffee for my transition to the bible study, I was left breathless by the beautiful morning that God had given us.  The Sun was bright and coming up and there were barely any clouds in the sky.  Twenty-some guys gathered and we read various scriptures on the workman of God.  It was an amazing morning and I could not help but gather myself to give thanks to such an incredible Savior who had mercy on me to save me from my sins.  

Whether you attend a mega-church or a small church or a mini-church Rock_church_sanctuary that is held in somone's house or a church that gathes outside, plan on coming to give yourself to worship.  Prepare your hearts and collect your thoughts and when you sit in the pew understand that you are there to give God the worship that He deserves and not the Providence-full  worship/praise that you think you deserve.  He is a Holy God and he wants our full attention and our first fruits.  Outdoor church Can you go and praise like no one else praises and worship like no one else worships and if you serve, serve like no one else is serving.  Do this for God and for no one else and in this you will find true worship.