Why Versus How

If you notice in my posts and even when I teach in person, I spend a lot of time on “Why” you do something. Most people always want to know “How”

 How do I get my kids to talk to me about important issues?

 What should I invest in?

 How do I get that spark back in my marriage?

There are a million How To books on the market and most of us read these books and then never take any action. They have great advice and sound principles but unless we have a strong enough “Why”, the “How” is unimportant.

The Why is what keeps you going. The why is the bigger picture when adversity enters your life. The Why is what keeps your moral compass on the proper heading. 

Most people just want to know how, and then they go out and try something and fail and give up. If they had a big enough “Why” the how will present itself.

I focus a majority of my effort and reading on building a strong “Why” because once I know deep in my soul why it is important to do something, I will search the earth to find the “How”

I take time each week and look at why I am doing something. 

Why am I trying to develop my children to be strong Christian Leaders?

Why am I building wealth?

Why do I want to have the best marriage I can?

Why do I need to set the example and become a Legacy Dad?

I focus on the end results, the rewards, and the eternal happiness. If you build a big enough “Why” than nothing will stop you from finding out “How” 


"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."

- Friedrich Nietzsche