Why the Internet?

My wife asked me the question yesterday, “Why the Internet?” Of all the places to minister why the internet. Some of the worst people are found on the internet because they can hide behind their monitors (See Esse Quam Videri post) 

I’ve looked at some “Christian” web forums and they are the worst. Bickering, put downs, slander, jockeying for “internet power?” I could not believe some of these people called themselves Christians.

Pornography is the biggest money maker on the internet and child predators are lurking websites like myspace. The internet is probably the most Christian unfriendly place in the world.

“That is why, I am here.” I told my wife. How can you do God’s work if you are not on the frontlines? Believe me; I don’t just hide behind a website. I also speak the same in person, I teach these principles face to face and if you ever meet me, you’ll know I truly live these principles.

So why the internet? Because this is the frontlines and I know I am on the right side, the side the will ultimately gain victory, I’d just like to bring a few more with me.

-Esse Quam Videri-