Why I do a daddy-daughter(s) dance...

[youtube id="nrWMBC6yoME"] For the past several years in February of each year I have the pleasure to take my two daughters to the ball (aka "Daddy Daughter Dance").  This past year was a blast because I went with a really good friend (who I just came back from vacation with - adults only) and really enjoyed our time getting to know each other and building our friendship.  We both decided on vacation to step up the dinner to a fancy place - and our girls really enjoyed themselves as did we.

10997701_804122766289849_6290549389971137351_oWe took pictures, the girls ate cake, drank juice and had candy along the night and would not stop dancing with their dads throughout the entire night.  I think it is really important for dads to date their daughters for many reasons.  I think it is important to treat their mother the way that you want them to be treated.  I think, as Legacy Dads we could not have a more challenging task then to raise our kids to know the truth (owning the word of God and having a relationship with Jesus) along with life skills.

So hear are the top 10 reasons why you should date your daughters:

  1. They need to learn how a man should treat a woman (with respect and adoration)
  2. They need to have our time (not just quality but as much quantity, hugs, kisses and full attention we can give them (men - put your stupid phones away when you date them)
  3. Teach them how to dance (if you don't make it up, woman love a man who doesn't care what others think when they are having a good time)
  4. Show them how to open a door for them and to pull out their seats before they sit down (Chivalry in my house is well and alive)
  5. Hugs and Kisses and Butterfly Kisses, as well
  6. Because when you are intentional with the love that they so crave from you (as dad) you will see a glimmer of hope and awe in their eyes - see the picture for proof)
  7. They are watching you, your walk, your talk, your integrity and your relationship with God (is your faith real)
  8. Do not be afraid to chase their hearts (pursue their hopes and dreams and listen to what they are saying
  9. To give them the sense of security (dad is in control)\
  10. To show them the love of God

Life is precious and before you know it - they will be gone