Who's Plan Am I Following?

First, I am still alive and kickin'.  Though I have not been posting lately. 

I went to an annual private get-together of investors and entrepreneurs a few weeks back and had a phenomenal time.   Some of these people I've known for the last 10 years and have watched them build businesses, investments and retire young. 

Since then, I have been working hard on a business concept and scouting locations and doing my due diligence on this type of business.  I will keep you posted as it works out.

Secondly, we are preparing to move again.  Started the prep work already.  Ugh!

Third, I was offered a truly great job opportunity and have been deeply researching and praying over this. 

Which brings me to todays post.  Cross

When I pray, I ask God to guide me and show me which path he wishes me to take.  I guess that way, I can feel reassured that whatever direction I take, it's in the direction God wants me to go. 

This still does not relieve the stress though of making life changing decisions, especially when the family is concerned. 

I often wonder, am I following God's plan for me?

Wouldn't it be great if we could grab a cup of coffee with God and ask him to quick pop in the DVD of our life and just watch the next few scenes to be assured that we are following the correct path? 

God doesn't work that way. 

What I have found is that God specifically doesn't show us the next steps because he wants us to grow and make these steps on our own, with his help.   Part of the process of getting to the next level is having faith and walking in that faith. 

Selection There is a selection process in the military where you are carrying roughly 80 pounds on your back and haven't slept in a few days. 

You reach a checkpoint and the evaluators are sipping coffee by a fire, they simply give you a compass azimuth and tell you to walk.  There is no distance given.  It could be 2 miles or 20 miles.  This goes on for days.

The purpose is to see how far you will go and how motivated you can stay when your mind starts telling you to quit.

I sometimes wonder if God works this way? 

He wants to see how far we are willing to go.

Are we going to give up or follow his plan. 

I heard a great quote this weekend "God has a plan and if you are not willing to take up the cross and follow it, he will find someone else who will.  God doesn't lose out, we do."

If you have ever read the book of Acts, you know that Paul went through a similar selection process with God.  He was shipwrecked, re-routed, delayed by months and literally walked across Turkey following God's plan for him. 

How many of us would walk across the country following God's plan? 

I guess what it all comes down to is faith and prayer.  We build our faith daily by taking small steps and we pray for God's guidance before the major forks in the roads of our life appear. 

Lately, I feel like I'm not at a fork but a clover leaf off ramp!  I guess I need more prayer, more faith and to follow the words God told his people over and over in the Bible. 

"Be Strong and Courageous"