Who is on the throne in your life?

Yesterday, my wife and I went to a coffee shop and listened to a hot topic.  Without naming the theme of the hot topic, I have to say that I was not surprised by the turnout and the questions from the audience during Q&A time.  As this topic can divide churches, in how they handle the broken, it amazes me how people can confidently speak for God and his thoughts on this topic.  For that matter, even on other matters as well.  When I think on these things, I am reminded of Romans 9 in which, Paul, states to us, how can the clay question the potter? approaching-the-throne-of-godAs I left this great presentation last night, I was very pleased with the rawness of the speaker and his story and daily struggles.  I really enjoyed his authenticity and how he was not afraid to dig in deep and peel the apple to the core regarding his life story.  His story is an evolving story and one that is truly being worked out daily in God's grace and mercy.

When he got done speaking, he opened the room up to comments and questions and there was one in particular who had a child in this sin and made the assumption that regardless of whether or not the child is in sin, that they WILL be in heaven when they die.  That is such a loaded statement that when I heard it, it was like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Let me qualify this statement before you jump down my proverbial throat on this.  First of all, I do believe that those of us who are called by God to be saved will be saved.  And Jesus tells the religious leaders of his time, that once we are in God's hands, no one can take us away from Him.  John 10:25-30.  That being said, Genesis through Revelations gives us clear pathway for working out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Jesus even said, that some will come to him and say, "Lord, Lord" and he will say to them, "Depart from me, for I never knew you.

grace and truthWhen there is a true conversion, not just a confession of the mouth, but a full conversion, then we are promised the Holy Spirit, who will intercede for us (even when we do not know what to pray or say).  That being said, I believe that when Jesus died for us and rose again, the sins of our past, present and future are forgiven.  We are covered by His blood.  All Jesus wants from us is:  Everything.  He wants us all to himself.  He calls us to be holy, to be priests, we are all referred to as saints.  Our lives will bear His fruit.

Therefore, because of this, I have a really hard time believing that someone, which all of us sin everyday, can continue to live in that particular sin without repentance or remorse and then to be told that if they continue to live this way that they will be in Heaven.  I am not speaking for God, nor will I ever try to.

I will ask these questions though:

  • If we live in sin without remorse and/or repentance, then why do we need the Gospel?
  • Why are we called to work out our salvation with fear and trembling?
  • Why does God call us to be Holy?
  • Why are we called to put sin in our lives to death daily?
  • How can we serve sin and God?
  • If we can continue to live in sin, sin and do nothing but sin over and over without repentance and still go to heaven, then why do we need Jesus and who needs to read the Bible?

For my follow-up on this email, please read 2nd Timothy 4.