What It's About

First, I want to apologize...

I've been "gone" for the past year and my postings were in limbo.  This site only stayed afloat from the hard work of Dante and Gary.  I apologize to our readers as I know we lost some during this year but I was not in a place to actively write nor did I have reliable internet access.


Second, a lot has changed.  In my life, my career and my family.  I will go into this more in the next few weeks but let me say that many times I pondered the idea of simply shutting Legacy Dad down in order to focus any free time I do have on my children. However, this would be unfair to many people and I am choosing to continue posting on the site although it may not be as consistent as I would like. 

Lastly, I have spent the last few days re-uniting with my wife and children and have learned some amazing things and have seen some amazing changes in the lives of my children. 

Both my children have led other people to find Christ. This is significant as polls show that many Christians die without ever leading another person to Christ. Also of significance is that I am truly starting to see the effects of the Legacy Dad philosophy working daily in my children's lives.  

Case in point. 

My son kept seeing a homeless man in the same spot for a week and on the 5th-6th day, took his entire Homeless_man charity money he had saved, about $70, walked up to the homeless man and gave it to him saying "God Blesses You". The homeless man was stunned and got tears in his eyes.

To me, this is evidence of not only financial stewardship but also having a unselfish, servants heart. In the next year we also enter into our confirmation process with our children and my son starts Phase I of the full Legacy Dad process.  It should be an exciting year and you'll get sit in the drivers seat and watch me succeed and fail at this parenting thing.  

Stay tuned and it's good to be back.