What does Scripture Say....

First of all, I want to say that this blog is about being a legacy dad, which is being an active Disciple of Christ, that being said, I know Lance and I never want to take a political stance.  However, this clip has made me decide to post a clip that is on YouTube.  I do not want to lean to the left or to the right on this topic, because we won't do that on this blog, but I want to stir up a conversation.  

In this Economy, especially when things are tough society always looks for a leader or an idea to stem up and for the people to grab a hold of.  The problem with this philosophy is that in a secular world, you may not always get a biblical application to the correct solution.  I find myself in a state of questioning the true Christian's role in family, the Church, the workplace and in our communities.  Our founding fathers came to this country with the idea that we would have separation of Church from State.  Please note that their intention was not to keep God out of Government, but to keep Government out of our Worship.  They did not want a Government telling them how they could Worship...

All this being said, our Founding Fathers also said that a political leader should have a foundation based on Scripture and to have a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Afterall, Jesus gave us biblical application of what Servant Leadership looks like (Read Mathew Chapters 5 & 6 and James 1:27).  If we, the Church, would stop worrying about ourselves and start doing what Jesus has called us to do, then I doubt that we would be in this state of affairs.

"One Nation Under God..."  This is stated for a reason and is the Sole reason why our Nation has prospered for so long.  The purpose of this video is to stir a character check in all of us and to have each one of our legacy dad's ask this question:  Am I Biblically Content in every aspect of my life?  If so, then what am I doing about it?  If not, then what "idol" do I need to give up in order to start being content in my life?  

Note:  In my next post, I will talk about Biblical Contentment & Stewardship.

What do you have to say about this?