What are we here for?

Seriously?  What are we here for?

What is my purpose in life?

What is God's will for me?


Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?  Do you ever find yourself doubting yourself?  If you are a child of Christ you can count on a few things:  1) Your life no longer belongs to you, but to God.  What you do with that gift of mercy and grace is up to you.  2) Once you have aloud the Lord to Lord over your entire life, then you can rest assure that nothing or no one can ever take you away from Him.  3) Your life, as a Child of God, will bear fruit of the Spirit.  3) At some point in your life, if you are walking with God, you will face trials and you will face tribulation.  How you come through it is up to you and your attitude.  4) You will never be tempted with more than you can handle.  5) God is always faithful 6) Repeat number 5 out loud.  7) At some point people we love will die (including ourselves).  8) This life, that is but a vapor) will only lasts for a little while.  In case you haven't figured it out - we are in a race (not a sprint, but a marathon).  How we choose to finish this race (called life) is completely up to us.  You can walk in obedience to God, by reading his word, praying and submitting to Church Authority without making their life a burden (Hebrews 13:17).  

If you find yourself serving two masters (this World and the ways of this world, which are not of God OR serving the Lord Jesus Christ) then you are divided and your heart is not completely on Christ because our God is a Holy God and in Galatians 6 it talks about how God IS NOT MOCKED.  

In all that you do, is God their first.  That is, when we live, are we living for Him or for ourselves?  

Think about it - any questions? Comments?  Objections?  If so let me know,