Vision Imagine a discussion between yourself and three other leaders.  Imagine the discussion being about something that you hold true and near to you heart: Men's Ministry.  Now imagine that the conversation takes a turn to your wildest imagination.  Here is the thing, I have often been told that these leaders have really good vision and discernment, but I have never seen it first hand.  The thing that makes this day most rewarding is that we all, for just a short moment, were able to share our hearts desires for men and where we would like men to start:  Reading God's Word.  Prayer.  Listening to the Pastor's Sermons, obedience to the Holy Spirit.  These are the ways that we can hear God talking to us.  

The most intimidating thing about the Bible is the parts that we don't understand, but today on the radio, I heard a pastor say that in order for us to come to understanding to the parts that we don't understand, we have to hear and listen and DO the parts that we do understand.  Come closer to God and see what he does in return.  ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication).  Give God your heart.  Don't just hear the Word, Listen to the Word. And do what it says.