I was reading a review and interview for a new book called Dadditude by Philip Lerman and one of comments he made was very profound and stuck with me.  There are so many distractions these days at home: Phones, Internet, TV, Blackberries, etc. Dadditude

But as parents we need to learn to unplug at home and spend quality time with our children.  I have learned that I have to try to set limits as to how long I can mess around on this blog, watch football or whatever and take time to unplug and spend time with my children. 

We try to go on family walks daily, play board games and watch family movies together.  Also just praying together, getting everyone at the dinner table together or practicing soccer in the backyard further gives us chances for quality time with the kids.

It amazed me when I went Christmas shopping this year that some people cannot simply get off their cell phones.  They walk around the store talking or I even saw one woman spend an entire 15 minutes in a coffee shop and she never put her phone down? 

Come on people, unplug for a few hours and really speak to your children's hearts.

One of my goals this year is to spend at least a half hour per day, per child just getting in some quality time and getting inside their special world.  One thing my daughter said to me a few weeks ago really rang true "Daddy, you spend a lot of time on the computer."

Wow, big wake up call.  Do you want to be remembered as the dad with the cell phone glued to his ear or the dad who always has time for his children?