Top 10 Ways to ruin your marriage

cakeBy no means are we suggesting that you take this path.  As you know, Lance, Gary and myself give you ways to build a legacy with your wife and kids.  Often, though, we find relationships that put "self" in front of God's ways, which brings me to this list:  

The Top 10 Ways To Ruin Your Marriage:

10. Not treating your spouse with respect

9.  Letting other things comes first

8.  Being unfair (not attempting to see her side)

7.  Being cold (dead to relationship)

6.  Taking away intimacy (both emotionally and physically)

5.  Being untrustworthy

4.  Breaking promises

3.  Putting yourself first and do not die to self

2.  A non-sexual affair (a computer, social network and/or improper friendships)

1.  A sexual affair (breaking the marriage-covenant)