Top 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Walk

isolated 3d golden text "TOP 10"1)    Read the World Daily

  • Be intentional in reading scripture
  • Journal your reading with your thoughts
  • Journal your reading with what the Holy Spirit reveals to you
  • Pray – ask God to reveal His will for you each day

2)    Join a Men’s Group

  • Find a men’s group that reads the bible
  • Find a men’s group that discusses real life issues
  • Find a men’s group that talks relationally
  • Be open with that men’s group

3)    Write down your life story

  • Where did you come from
  • Where did you encounter God
  • Where did you confess your sin and repent?
  • How are you growing
  • What is different about your life today
  • Where do you think God is taking you
  • Why is your life story so relevant in sharing God’s story

4)    Read the Book of Proverbs in 31 days (correlate with the day of the month(s)

5)    Read the Book of John to re-encounter God’s son, Jesus

6)    Fast

  • When you fast, look healthy and be silent about it
  • Ask God for him to speak to you through fasting
  • Fast for something in particular
  • Seek Him (through prayer, praise and worship and reading the Word)

7)    Ask someone to mentor you (find a Paul in your life)

8)    Find someone to pour your life into (give them time, and be honest with where you came from and what you struggle with) (find your Timothy)

9)    Be intentional in life through God’s Word

10) Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

What is your top 10 list?