Top 10 things to remember this Christmas

top-10-mistakes2016 Christmas Top things to remember this Christmas

#10 - Don't forget the blessing of family and friends - As you try to catch up by wrapping presents, going to the grocery store, and getting ready to receive company or be the company, be thankful for the family and friends that you have been given

#9 - Remember to enjoy your family - A close friend and love of mine once told me that we don't get to choose our family but we do get to choose our friends.  Whether you are with family or friends or possibly both enjoy this season of giving more than receiving

#8 - Always be thankful - whether you get a gift of time, an expression of love and or an unexpected gift, be thankful that someone else took the time to give you something

#7 - Remember Attitude - We cannot control much, but we can control our own attitude and how we respond to others

#6 - Remember to say thank you- in the busyness of life and the demands of "me" and the cries of others, be kind and considerate to those who work and serve and share with others

#5 - Do for others instead for you first - the blessing is truly understanding that it is better to give than receive

#4 - Serve others - Serve one another in love as Christ has served us

#3 - Remember what God has given you - count your blessings

#2 - Share the Gospel - in whatever and wherever you do.  Give people the hope that we have in Christ alone.

#1 -  What's the gift - In all the hustle and bustle and spending and shopping please do not forget the ultimate gift that God gave us - Sending his Son down to this earth to be born of a virgin, live on this earth, spend time in his ministry, fulfilling every prophecy spoken of Him in Scripture and him drinking the cup of sacrifice for our sins - Jesus paid the price for you and me