Top 10 things to do before Christmas Day

top-10-620x620top-10-filmstop-10-620x620It's Christmas time again.  It is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I find it funny how we (society) spends just over 4 weeks getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Actually, in the last 10 years I would venture to state that pure secularism and commercialism has made this Season more and more about ourselves and what "I" want versus the reason for the Season:  Jesus! So, that being said, I decided to make a top 10 list of things to do before Christmas (for Legacy Dads):

  1. Read Luke 2 (to your family and friends)
  2. Shop for a charity (Angels of Hope or any notable charity and teach your family the value of giving
  3. Help a family struggling this season - Sponsor a family in need (you can do this discreetly or ask  your church office for permission to contact someone in need)
  4. Donate your time, talent and treasure this season to Jesus - think on these things first before yourselves
  5. Give love and time to your loved ones
  6. Serve your wife everyday when you come home from work (we call this the "SECOND SHIFT" - thanks Matt Chandler)
  7. Serve your kids everyday -give them your attention and time all the way up to bedtime - read stories, play tag, play a board game, tell them about Jesus and the God's love Story
  8. Read the bible every day
  9. Pray every day
  10. Listen to the Holy Spirit (they quiet voice in you nudging you to do God's will and not your own

What are some of your top tens?