Time with Dr. Gary Chapman

This past week was both a privilege and an honor to spend with Dr. Gary Chapman who is a noted writer who has written many books on love, marriage, children, anger and the like.  He was the special guest speaker this week at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference.  I took a lot of notes and have many posts coming following this past week.  Last night was particularly special for me as both my wife and I sat and listened to his concluding message on 5 points of having a great family. The reason why I really liked and connected with this man is because he puts it all out there.  That is, he is a lot like Lance in telling you exactly how it is and giving you both positive steps to take (that our God-honoring) and family honoring.  I look forward to posting on what I have heard this week and what spoke most to me.  What convicted me most and what made me smile through this.

If you are anything like the writers of this blog,  I think you will come away with some of the same conclusions that I did (or that you may take away from it).  I am really excited an cannot wait to blog about it (as soon as I organize my notes and unpack.

I hope you keep reading.  We also hope that you make some comments to us:  1) what are some things that you want to hear more of (less of), 2) What blogs speak most to you 3) How can we help (how can you help us?) 4) How are you serving (God? Family, Wife, Children, Work and Community?) 5) Anything else?

Looking forward to writing tomorrow!