Till Death Do Us Part

I often hear stories in my reading or on the radio and write them down to blog about them at a later date.  This one has been on my list for a long time and it is time it came to fruition. 

Robertson Mcquilkin served as the third president of Columbia University from 1968 to 1990.  During those years, his wife Muriel was always by his side supporting him and many times sacrificing of herself for her husbands career. 

I can relate to this very well.  As a soldier, our wives are our strongest allies and many times carry the load and burden while we are training or out of the country. My wife is the strength of our house and keeps me going day to day.

Robert Proposed to Muriel on Valentines Day in 1948, they married in August the same year.   The next three decades were filled with raising six children and serving God with many missionary trips.  In 1968 the returned to the US and he became president at Columbia. 

In 1981, Robertson started to notice something different in Muriel, her memory was not as it should be.  After a series of tests and doctors, it was confirmed she had early Alzheimer's Disease.  Over the next few years, Robertson watched as his loving, caring wife slowly faded away. 

In 1990, Muriel's condition was worse and she needed someone for full time care, Robertson had a choice to make.  He had spent his life serving God and building a fine career as president of Columbia, many men would have found a full time care center and continued to juggle between his life long career and his terminal wife.  But not Robertson.

He decided to stand by his wife and commit to taking care of her full time until she had passed. 

Please listen to
Robertson Mcquilkin's Resignation Speech (3346.0K)

After listening to his speech it is apparent that Robertson is not only a godly man and a man of honor but also qualifies as a Legacy Dad and Husband. 

Robertson's inspiring story is captured in his book A Promise Kept.  Robertson thought that leaving Columbia and taking care of Muriel was the end of his ministry but God had other plans.  His story has spread and inspired many people to take a hard look at their priorities in life and what truly matters.

Robertson continued to serve and care for Muriel until her dying day. 

One thing is for sure, in a society were the mainstream tells us marriage is simply a contract, It sure is great to have men who are willing to stand behind their vows and be an example for what all real men should do. 

"In sickness and in health, tell death do us part."