Through the looking glass

I just wanted to give everyone a look into my investing world, we are half way through 2007 and my stocks are looking great so far.   My investing style includes 90% Index Mutual Funds mostly in Mid-cap, Small-cap, International and some Large and Micro Cap Funds.  My funds come from my 401k provider (Barclays), Vanguard and Bridgeway Funds.

However, 10% of my overall portfolio goes to individual stocks and options.   This is my small area to "pick winners" and to increase my overall portfolio average.  For more information on how I pick stocks, mutual funds and how I constructed my overall portfolio, see the financial books in my bookstore on the bottom right of the blog.   

These are the stocks I bought in the 4th Quarter of 2006.  Most have a 2-4% dividend yield except EGLE as noted.  You can see by the 100% average gain so far how this can greatly increase your overall portfolio average.

Note: Investing is risky if you are not properly educated; there are no risky investments, only risky investors who invest in areas they are not familiar with.  So in order to have success as an investor, get educated in investing before making financial decisions.

AHL    -                  3.52 %

AXS     -                  6.29 %

BSY    -                   33.87 %

DRYS  -                   314.22 %

DSX    -                   83.89 %

DVN   -                   15.22 %

EGLE  -                   49.10 %   + 8%  Dividend Yield

IPCR   -                   13.58 %

SCG    -                   8.47 %

SUP    -                   9.36 %

TLK    -                   27.26 %

NM (Warrants)       692.87 %

Average Gain         100.54 %