The Power of One: Amazing Alex

Many times in life we feel like we are insignificant “What difference can I make?” “Who would listen to me?”When I feel like this I always re-read the Story of Alexandra “Alex” Scott. This little girl, without the resources, college degrees and years of experience most adults have started a Legacy to help others. Alex_1

Through her efforts, she has raised millions of dollars and awareness for childhood cancer but more importantly she has inspired others to give. To give of our time, our money and of ourselves for something that betters mankind.

If this was the idea of a little girl with cancer, imagine what we could do if we put our minds, resources and faith together to leave this world a little better. To leave a legacy for all of mankind.

If you notice the link under my bookstore, all proceeds from Legacy Dad Books goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I have been giving to this charity for the past 2 years and using Alex’s story as an example to my children of how one person can change the world.