The Legacy Dad Process

Ask a group of men when they knew they were really men and you will get varied responses. When they turned 18, 21. When they graduated High School, College. The first time they had sex, when the left for basic training, and a number of other responses. We have a crisis of children growing up in the church and then leaving the church when they grow older. We have children who have identity crises because they were not guided and initiated by their parents. (Updated Study, Barna Study)  Our children need parents who will not cocoon them or over-shelter them from the world, but teach them to be the light that shines in the world.

Children need spiritual initiation and right of passage; they need true life skills and tests of judgment. They need to know that they are ready for the world and we as parents need to know that we have equipped our children for the world. We need to know that we left no stone unturned and did everything we could to prepare are children to be strong, confident Christians. Then we need to let God take them the rest of the way.

School, Friends, TV, Video Games and the Internet will not teach your children life skills, morals and values. The Church will only teach some areas and will not take your children all the way. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure our children receive the training, guidance and wisdom that will truly matter in their lives.

Society easily bates children and parents alike to pursue The Success Illusion.  To spend our lives chasing Money, Beauty, Power and Fame.  Aiming our children at true greatness rather than societies version of success gives them so much more and the funny part is the elusive success that so many chase often comes for free as a result of True Greatness.

Are you willing to be their leader and role model?

Are you willing to succeed where many parents fail?

The Legacy Dad Process is a road map to implement into your parenting style; it is a series of biblical lessons and principles at specific times and ages of your children’s lives to help instill and pass on your personal legacy to them. It focuses on creating a plan for each child that is tailored to their age and gender and incorporates your personal values and beliefs into the process to ensure your Legacy is passed on to them.

The Legacy Dad Process includes:

1.  Core Pillars for aiming our children at True Greatness.

2. An intriguing way to get your children to want to take this journey

3. Specific books and lessons for your children to read and report on that helps instill the principles

4. A journal that your children will record their progress and in the future reflect back on

5. Specific tests that each child will do on their own but with your help and guidance to instill the principles, give them life experience, and build a family bond.

6. Special ceremonies that shows your child that they have passed the test and are ready for the net step.

7. Specific adventures that you will take together to create family memories and instill the Legacy process.

8. A financial legacy that your child will inherit in the future worth hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as the knowledge of what to do with it.

9. A Legacy book that will be presented at the end of the process for your child to see their life history and comments from you and other family members along the way.

Finally, it will give your children the confidence and knowledge to face anything that life throws their way and it will give you as parents the satisfaction of knowing you did all you could to equip them for life.

I will explain in detail this whole process and how to implement it into your family.

Not only will this greatly help your children but it will also help you and your wife. If you personally do not possess the knowledge of these principles, you will also learn it first to pass it on and this will greatly help and increase your own personal life as well.  Learning together with your children will also create a stronger bond and solidify the process.

If the idea of a happy, loving marriage; equipping your children for True Greatness; financial security and abundance; and being respected for your character and leadership sounds appealing than Legacy Dad is for you.

Please Note:  This is not my plan but God's plan, packaged in an easy to understand way, for use in many areas of your life.

For a more detailed look at the process see Legacy Dad Life Map


-Esse Quam Videri-