The Legacy After 60

My buddy Joe keeps emailing me and saying “Okay, your retired, your wealth is secured. Now What?”

I will not need income because my wealth and passive income will provide for my needs

Now keep in mind I am far from retirement but for me once I no longer need to work a job for income my priorities will shift to “Self Actualization” Projects.

By this I mean working on projects that leave a Legacy and have significance. During my retirement years to further my Legacy I would look at these areas.

Sharing my years of wisdom and knowledge as a consultant

Starting my own business – a lifelong dream or hobby

Writing a book or books to further share wisdom and knowledge

Spend time and money to help and further worthy causes

I don’t see myself sitting around or RVing the country, I see myself relaxing and working fewer hours but not necessarily sitting around and not doing something.

I believe those who are retired have years of knowledge and experience and they can definitely share that knowledge. The only question is how and using what facet?