The Foundation of the Legacy: Part III

Creating Common Interests

There is only one verse that shows up 5 times in the Bible.

Throughout the course of the Bible you hear people referencing saying "As I have said before"  but when you hear that only one verse is mentioned 5 times in the bible, it must be important. 

Most would think it is about salvation or following God's word?  No.

"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh."

It's about marital oneness.  This is the single most important verse on marriage in the Bible, it is my belief that if you get this area right, all the other areas of marriage will fall into place.  It all starts with Oneness.

True happiness in marriage is defined and obtained by the mutual pursuit of oneness.

Now I know that I certainly fall short at times in this area of my life.
We pursue our jobs.
We pursue our hobbies.
We pursue NFL Football.

But are we putting our wife above all others accept God? 

Oneness of spirit
Oneness of soul

You think the same, you feel the same, your goals are the same and you do not allow anything to come between you and your wife.

Unity is built on the foundation of commonality.  You have to have common ground.

Your wife needs to be your best friend and time and having a shared interest is essential to building a strong friendship and relationship.

Thats goes beyond living in the same house and having kids together.

It's easy for women to put the kids or her career ahead of their husband.
It's easy for men to put their career or their hobbies ahead of their wife.

As a couple, we have to fight to never let anything come between our oneness.  Furthermore, we have to find areas that we as a couple can do together, alone. 

Some couples exercise together
Some couples research things together
Some couples cook together

Some couples find something that they both know nothing about and they learn something new together.

It's about finding time and common interests to share together to create connectedness and oneness.

We have to find ways everyday to create oneness in our marriage and never let anything, person or activity come between the friendship and relationship.

In the Part IV of The Foundation of the Legacy will we add to Part III with Confused Allegiances and Wrong Priorities.

-Esse Quam Videri-