The Extra Mile: Survivordad 2

We took the family camping this past weekend and unlike our first trip Survivordad 1 this time it was a little more comfortable.  The big adventure at this particular campsite was a hiking trail which led to a large cave where you could go spelunking and check out the rock formations inside the cave. 

Little did I know when I booked this campsite 2 months ago, this weekend the temperatures were hitting close to 110 degrees in some areas. The morning of the big hike, my wife and daughter decided that they would skip the "excitement" of a 10 mile round trip hike in 110 degree weather. 

My son and I, who have more testosterone than brains, decided we could do it and started out at 9:30AM for our 10 Mile round trip hike.  I must also note that there was only one water point which was located at about the first mile and the last mile. 

By 11:00AM, my son and I were exhausted.  This led to some good teaching points. 

We both wanted to quit and we met a lot of people who did, they simply turned around and went back.  However, my son and I wanted to reach for the prize.  My son and I talked about quitting versus going further. 

I explained to him that in life, true greatness is often measured in the extra mile.  When you are ready to quit, when life gets hard, when you are thrown opposition or when you have success, grow complacent or simply feel you have arrived.  Those that push further and go the extra mile, are often the ones who are the most rewarded in life.

Showing greater compassion, being a little kinder, giving more of ourselves, saving more money, working harder on character.  All these things are rewarded. 

We finally reached the caves and my son was so happy we made it.  He reflected that the people who gave up, would never enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of what God created. We went the extra mile and we were rewarded with the prize. 

Lesson learned.