The Evil Christian

A former instructor of mine and a legend in the Special Operations community is also a die hard born again Christian, affectionately known by those of us who had to serve with him as "The Evil Christian"

Jeff Struecker first started seeing the signs during the famed "Black Hawk Down" incident in Somalia in 1993.  He was one of the leaders that shined that day and was later written about in the book and the major motion picture.

Struecker I ran into Jeff when he was an instructor at the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP)  This program is designed to weed out all the weak minded and weak bodies to produce the best candidates to go on and serve in the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment.  I remember Jeff could run a 5:00 Minute Mile for what seemed to be endless miles and could do more push ups than any men I have ever met.  He would leave us young soldiers sore and out of breathe after a Physical Fitness session.  He also never swore around us, which is highly unusual for a Ranger, and Lord help the man that would use the Lords name in vain within an earshot of Jeff. 

I ran into Jeff now Chaplain Struecker in 2005 in Iraq while he was the Chaplain for a Memorial Day Ceremony we were conducting.  I told him "I'm sure glad your leading the Benediction and not Physical Training today!" He laughed and gave me friendly slap on the shoulder. 

Jeff's own journey to walk the path God has set for him and how in times of extreme conflict and bravery, he has turned to God for help is recorded in his book:  The Road to Unafraid.  I have not yet read the book but cannot wait as it is in the queue on my reading listRoadtounafraid

The more I read about Christians like Jeff and Chuck Holton, the more I realize that there is a great need in the military to hear of God's love and grace.  Not to mention all the families that have been under great stress since 9/11.  The message of Legacy Dad and Grace Based Parenting has a definite role to play in the coming months and years.   

I smell some changes in this Legacy Dad's future...