The Deadly Viper Assassins

I am going through a bible study called the "Why" series by Jud Wilhite. I really wish I was a hip pastor with a cool church and the ability to produce podcasts, DVD's and cool websites that really catch the attention of the Gen X and younger generations, however, I am not and all I have is this little blog to rant on.

After a quick Google search, I found Jud's other projects, and this one caught my eye in particular.

Picture_1 Deadly Viper is an initiative dedicated to beginning a strategic conversation on the issues of radical integrity and radical grace. Our focus is to develop leaders who will have intentional, transparent, and honest conversations about key character issues.

Deadly Viper is a movement designed to help leaders finish strong and live a life with no regrets.

Their books, tools and DVD's are humorous and straight to the point.  Character is a huge issue within the Legacy Dad framework and every tool we can get to better understand, model and teach this to our children is essential.

Just for that reason, I have a special for all our Legacy Dad readers.  A FREE FULL version of the mp3 audiobook for Deadly Viper. - Sorry, Offer has ended.

Just follow this banner and get the download.  If you are like me, always busy, I like to listen to audiobooks while I jog or go to the gym.  Free ones are even better.


If you like the free audiobook, think about buying the book itself or heading over to their website and showing some support.

The Deadly Viper has 3 main contributors which include Mike Foster, Jud Wilhite, and Anne Jackson.

Mike Foster is the Senior Creative Principal at PlainJoe Studios and serves as President of Ethur, a non-profit organization developing initiatives that promote social and cultural change.

Jud Wilhite is senior pastor of Central Christian Church, a pioneering and creative community of faith in the Las Vegas area. More than 12,000 people attend Central campuses each weekend. He is the primary teacher and communicator of Central's mission, vision, and values.

Anne Jackson serves on staff at Cross Point and is the author of Mad Church Disease (Zondervan 2009).