That's Amore'

The Situation: Saturday morning a friend of my wife’s calls, she has been trying to gether kids and our kids together for weeks but activities have always postponed. She asks to take the kids for the day and a sleepover.  

The Mission should I choose to accept it: 5 Days from Valentines Day and with no prior planning pull off a wonderful, romantic date for my wife.

Normally being totally romantic and spontaneous is not easy for us guys as it is just not in our genes, however, living in Italy aids me quest and makes it much easier for even the most Neanderthal of men.

Giulietta_1 First I took my wife to Verona, a short trip form our house, for the Verona in Love festival. This is an annual festival that highlights the fictional Shakespeare love story of Romeo and Juliet. Although the lovers never actually existed, there is a famed balcony and Juliet statue that tourists and Italians frequent for the sole purpose of touching the Juliet Statues breast for good luck and a healthy love life. We also walked on the fictional balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo professed his love to her. I know guys, it’s a little corny, but humor me here.


The next stop was a little Cafe on a side street in Verona, caffè doppio for me and0022698r1e001 cappuccino for the misses. Something about an outdoor Italian café has a romanticism of its own. The cobblestone streets, the small intimate tables with umbrellas and the smells and charm of Italy all around you.



Last stop was a resturante we’ve been trying to get into for months, Aeolia.  This is a favorite in our area of Italy and the tradition and history dates back centuries. Galileo and architect Andrea Palladio both wrote of its charm and early “air conditioning.”

The staff was friendly and helpful and the meal was top notch. We both had three courses and shared an excellent Merlot from the Colli Berici area.We finished it off with a chocolate desert and coffee. The owner than took us on a tour of the wine cellar and showed us his famed Frescos done sometime during the Renaissance. An absolute wonderful experience.

Altogether the evening was a huge success and the Legacy Dad gave his beauty aAeolia5_2 night to truly remember and memories that will last forever. After being married for almost 10 years now and with our hurried lives, we sometimes forget to take time for one another to strengthen our marriage and truly show our spouses we still care. It doesn’t take being in Italy to create one of these moments, just a little amore’ and creativity.

Happy Valentines Day.