Thanksgiving, a Few Days Late.

Thanksgiving, a Few Days Late. My wife and I were discussing being blessed and cursed, this morning.  Wait, it's not a strange as it sounds.  The conversation started as we were sitting in a small cafe' on Michigan Ave. in Chicago, celebrating our 18th anniversary.  Celebrating a family that is a huge blessing to us and one we were having fun being grateful for.

However , we are both divorced, with kids.  And while our blended family (kids all grown now) is a magnificent blessing, it can be really hard.  Especially now during the holidays; its not necessarily a blessing for us or for the kids.  The blend is something we all live with, always there but never more tangible than in this season.  Blessed and cursed, in tension.

And we are not alone.  You aren't either.

Maybe this tension is a microcosm of  what it means to be Christian.  Broken flesh and reborn spirit, old man and new man, cursed and blessed, living together for a while.

Still, we are not alone.

I think about our Lord Jesus Christ and wonder if he didn't walk the same way, blessed as the Son of God, cursed living in this broken world and ultimately carrying our curse of sin completely.

Into hell.  Out again.  Cursed and blessed.

Jesus, thank you.  No really, from the bottom of everything we are, thank you.

You get us,



(NOTE:  Kurt is a great friend of mine who is an elder and facilitator in our chruch/men's group, respectively) - thanks Kurt for your insight! -Dante)