Stronger then....

If for nothing else through the course of the week, I look forward to my Saturday Mornings.  Albeit, today was a tad hard waking up to a cold room (snow outside) and and comfy bed, however, I managed to remember that a "brother" of mine said that he may go to men's group this morning so I got myself up and to men's group.

I am so thankful that I came today.  Every third Saturday we have two facilitators that have been doing this for the past two and a half years and going on three.  They continued their theme on Anger and we split the group (as it was too big for all to share).  We read Scripture from Genesis to Colossians and touched on some key things relating to anger and to ways around and through anger.

I have the privilege and honor to be the men's ministry leader (co-leader) of this flourishing ministry in our church.  As one elder recently told me it is a "hotspot" for spiritual growth in our church - To God be the Glory forever and ever, amen!  Our formula is simple on Saturday Mornings:  Open with worship, read scripture, discuss relevant and real-life experience and see what wisdom and scripture has to say on this.  The Holy Spirit does the rest.  (that is our success to our men's ministry).

The two discussions on anger have really energized me in my walk and our walk with like-minded brothers.  The coolest thing is seeing some of the "younger spiritual" brothers (not necessarily in age) growing and sharing and really putting their ideas and scripture that means much to them.  They think that more mature Christians gain more by talking more - I don't agree with that because when we see brother's and/or sister's turning away from the world and growing spiritually - that is awesome.

I love it when I see spiritual growth in people - it energizes me - it excites me. I want to thank any of you legacy dads out there that have changed course and submitted to God's will in your life - you are already winning the battle through obedience.

This morning brought me to a really healthy place in realizing that we don't have to react to the world in a worldly way.  Instead if we choose to Set our hearts and minds on things above (Where Jesus Christ is).  Put away the earthly things that turn us away from Him.  Clothe ourselves in love and kindness and putting on the love that binds us.  Giving thanks to God our father.

When we do this and we humble ourselves before a Holy God and realize that in Him we can have the abundant life that he has planned for us then we realize that all things are possible with God.

Saturday Mornings are a beautiful thing!