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Quick Note: My Enlgish

We are family men with a full time jobs, coach sports, teach classes, and spend time in odd corners of the world frequently. In short, We're hurried when we write. We don’t have an editor and none of us were English majors in college. That being said you can expect misspellings, improper grammar, and words have been known to completely disappear while I type.  If Grammar Girl would volunteer to come and edit are posts for free, we'd buy her expensive coffee. :)

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Read First - These posts will give you a historical background into how Legacy Dad started as well as how our thinking and parenting processes have evolved during the 6 years of Legacy Dad. These posts are all rough and un-edited from the day they were posted.  This will give you a sanity check as to our thought processes and biases.

  1. What Is Legacy Dad?
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Lance's Testimony
  4. Spirituality: My Definition
  5. Why Over-Protective Parenting Does Not Work Part 1 and Part 2
  6. Parenting Spiritual Champions Part 1 and Part 2
  7. Christianity 2.0 - Rants on Hypocrites of the Faith
  8. The Picture of a Legacy
  9. Who is a Legacy Dad
  10. The Legacy Dad Process
  11. The Legacy Dad Life Map – Detailed Process

Spiritual Stuff

1. Why the Internet

2. Esse Quam Videri

3. Reduce the Pain or Reach for the Prize

4. On Waterwalking

5. Brickianity Part I and Brickianity Part II


  1. Part I – Context
  2. Part II – LBYM – The Not So Secret
  3. Part III – Automatic Wealth
  4. Part IV – Slowlane or Fastlane


  1. Part I: The Foundation of the Legacy
  2. Part II: Unresolved Conflicts
  3. Part III: Creating Common Interests
  4. Part IV: Confused Allegiances


  1. Leaving a Legitimate Leadership Legacy
  2. Things That Do Not Require Talent
  3. On Leadership
  4. Majoring in the Minors

General Importance

1. Why Versus How

The Success Illusion

Part I

Part II

Part III