Some takeaways from ActLikeMen2015

Lance and I will be posting our takes and viewpoints on all the material covered at Act Like Men 2015 this past weekend over the next few weeks. Once again, the theme verse was:  1 Corinthians 16:13-  (ESV) 13 Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done in love.


Legacy Dad sponsored the event and we got to talk to a lot of men and churches that wanted to know what Legacy Dad can do for them.  At one point, I had a pastor come up and ask me for the two-minute elevator speech of what we are about.   Instead of responding to that question, I kindly asked this kind pastor what were some of the most important things to teach children and his men.  This led to a very good talk and he was very interested in what Legacy Dad could do for his church and men (we look forward to the opportunity).

Pastor Eric Mason opened the conference up on the preview of what this conference would bring and did he bring it.  He shared from his heart and talked about some shakeable faith moments in his life that would rock any of our faith foundations to its core and have us ask whom do we serve and whom do we believe after this moments.  He didn't fail us in his delivery and his heart in sharing the gospel.

Pastor James Macdonald, in our opinion, always does a stellar job and is consistent in message and in his heartfelt desire for men, women and children to grow in their Faith.  We love to hear this man of God preach and to teach - it was our joy to hear his compassion shine for men this past weekend and for the weeks and months and years to come.  Pastor James opened the conference up on the first theme of Being Watchful and he also shared the Gospel and we witnessed hundreds of men committing (and re-committing their lives) to Jesus.  Pastor James really brought his gifts to the pulpit and delivered a heart-felt piercing message for men to examine themselves and to see where they are at in their faith.  Pastor James also talked on Saturday on the them of Being Strong and what that looks like in a disciples life.  This message came in the Saturday part of the conference and, once again, Pastor James nailed it.

Saturday morning continued right up the proverbial flagpole with Pastor Matt Chandler preaching on the them of Standing Firm and not backing down from our faith (I will post on these themes later).  He shared his past and his genealogy with us and where he came from.  He shared his struggles in parenting and the difficulties of life that come in the way of discipleship.  Pastor Matt has endured a lot of faith shaking moments in his life (as have I) and he really was honest to the core in his delivery.  He really challenged the men to own up to their faith and to make the stand in their faith.  We were truly blessed by these three men.

Pastor Eric Mason closed the conference on the theme of Let all that you do be done in love.  This was definitely some interesting twists and turns on this that were very applicable for me in my walk.  I really appreciated Pastor Eric this year.  Lance was telling me that he used some of his Video series with his men at his church.

One of my most special moments of the entire conference was the lunch time on Saturday Morning.  Lance and I brought 3 churches of men together and catered lunch for them all.  We all ate and socialized and chatted for the first half our of our hour and a half lunch break.  The next hour was when the Spirit moved in all of our lives.  Lance and I had everyone get into a big circle facing each other and we started with some ground rules:  1) when you wanted to talk, state your name and share with the group being watchful with your time so other guys could share 2) before you began sharing the entire group would welcome you to our forum by saying Hi ______) 3) Once you were finished thanking the guys for sharing or saying that's all 4) the rest of the guys saying thank you to the person sharing and stating their name.

What surprised me most, was that this was not a small group by any means, as there were almost 50 in attendance, was the fact that just about everyone in the room did share and opened up about what the conference (What God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus) were saying to them. This was sacred ground because men were sharing, men were accountable and men were opening up to other men about real life issues, challenges and struggles.  It was so special that I had to remind that men that this was sacred and that anything that was said in that room stays in that room unless the person sharing gave permission to share.

It was at this point, that I am reminded to those of you that would ask what can do for you and what our men's ministry can do for you - it's this.  It is setting up an environment for you to read God's word, worship together, share together and do life together.  It is a place to where we share with you insights that work for us and that are constantly evolving as men, culture and struggles in life change daily.  It is being real and relational with other men.

Lance and I are humbled by those of you that have reached out to us this past weekend and shared what our blog has done for you, what it will continue to do for you and how we can continue to meet your needs through the days, months and years to come.  For those of you that want us to engage your church and your men, your marriages and your family ministries we say, "To God be the Glory forever and ever amen."

Thank you for taking the time that you spend with us via website, in person or in ministry.

Blessings to you all,

Dante & Lance

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