OK, I'd better get on with the day. Been the whole morning doing research on grandparenting. Did you know grandFATHERS are getting back into the picture?

If you're not one now, do you know how really soon you'll be one? Take that tip from a 70-year old grand dad. 70 used to be old. I'm still wondering who those "elderly" are on news reports and TV ads.

Researchers and social analysts are using telling terms while they stream out the stats of longer life, better health, greater percents of the population. Then they add new terms, "Finishing well" among those focused on Christian family values. "Fun-seeking" and "supportive" are emerging.qualities of granfFATHERS.

So why the strange title to this post?

Because one of those great life events just happened to "me"..."We," really. "Me" or "we" in quotes because that would be a social transference phase (see, I have been researching). Grandson, Taylor, now 12.5, is in his "manhood year" or year of passage, the transition from boy child to first man years.

I was writing a post for my own blog, GENDADS, when the call came in. It was a Skype Webcam call. There on the back of the pickup with "our" prize, His first deer on his first hunt.

The story is a rich one that includes my last few posts telling about Dad, Taylor, and me on our five day pack-in hike during the summer. It was the scouting hike, and I was able to see each move in my mind's eye as Taylor enthused his hunt over the cell phone. We'd seen a deer together in the very spot he bagged his trophy (eight points). So, it was OUR hunt, OUR deer.

If the rite of passage, the hike, the hunt, or just the new grandfathering mode interests you, take a peek at .

We can conclude with this note--back to the research--Who yoiu are as a legacy dad will, sooner than you think, set the stage for your true legacy years.

Will you be as good a grandfather as your are a father? Better?