Remembering Those: Veterans Day

My wife mentioned yesterday that I am now a three time Veteran.  I laughed because I remember Vet's as old guys who got together and told stories at the VFW over a couple of beers about Normandy, Chosin Reservoir and Da Nang. 

As a young kid, I would listen to these stories of heroism, valor and selfless service to a sometimes unappreciative American public and wonder if someday I would be called to serve my country as well? 

Here is to all those who are serving, have served, have loved someone who have served and to those personal friends and fallen comrades who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of this nation.

To all my personal brothers and sisters who have gone on to be with God.  Blue Skies, Rest In Peace. I'll never forget you or the smiles on your faces.