Priveleges in life

MaranathaMy wife and her family and their friends have been coming to this place for over 25 years.  Some would call this a beautiful legacy.  I left work early and met the family, who was there all week without daddy, and we watched there program that evening:  Kids singing songs and reciting bible verses that they learned this past week.  It was great to hear the word of God being recited by mere children.  Of course, in John Chapter 3, Jesus tells pharisee that unless we are born again (as children) we can enter the Kingdom of God.  This brings me to the next event that happened that evening, friends of ours (a husband and wife) asked me if I would baptise them in the Lake.  I was both honored and excited in taken part in such a wondrous act of worship- baptism.  

Lakewas a rainy night and it looked like the lake was going to be really cold, however, it wasn't.  It was very enjoyable and after asking them if they professed Christ as their Savior, I baptised both husband and wife in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We then walked to the prayer tower and asked God to direct our lives as parents, husbands and wives and to ask him to continue to bless our walks of faith.  Afterwards, we picked up our kids and ate ice cream.  I was amazed to look at all the families that were there- legacies that started and in some just from one family inviting a child who eventually accepted Christ as their Savior and because of that, their legacy continues, in that, their whole family is making this a tradition- a legacy.  As Spiritual leaders it is our OBLIGATION (not just a right) to rear our children into growing up as healthy, moral and viruous children, who have a God-given knowledge of who their Savior is and what discipleship truly means.  The only way that we can expect our children to walk out their faith and for their faith to be real is to engage them.  We, as legacy dads, have to embrace our God-given responsibility as Legacy Dads, and be prophet, priest and king to these children.  The only way that we can raise mere children (still on the spiritual milk) into adult, God-fearing and mature christians is to show them our faith (reading the word, hearing the word and listening and doing what the word says).  Treating others with love and respect, even when they don't deserve it.  Showing them how to work hard and to be content with life and to practice good stewardship (no debt) and to give not just because we should, but to give with a joyful heart and to bless others who are in need, not because it may make us feel good, but because we will bless others.

Will you walk by faith?