Parenting: The Character Profession

I had some great things to write about this week but as I sat down at the laptop, God pulled me into a different direction.  I feel like this is going to turn into an all week discussion on Character and Integrity. 

Our culture today is filled with poor examples of character.  It seems that character is no longer a trait that our country holds valid.  Many terrorist groups proclaim the reason they hate America is because of our decline in values and character and how it influences their countries and people. 

Look at some recent examples:  Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Kobe Bryant, and even President Bill Clinton and the Evangelical Christians are not exempt either: Ted Haggard and Paula White come to mind. 

Bill Clinton also suggested that we should grade his actions on a curve based on his other successes.  Character

Foreign Policy = B
Economic Development = A                      
Domestic Tranquility = B
Character = F

Unfortunately life does not work this way and neither does parenting. 

Your example is being constantly scrutinized and your children. 

I often laugh when I hear parents scolding their children for the very same offenses that the parents themselves act out. 

I am no shining example either.  I have really worked hard on my character in the past 5 years because of many character issues in my younger years. 

Lying, pornography, being fired from jobs, a poor husband and poor father. I've been there and done that.   See: My Testimony

I often worry, if friends and family that knew me back then would read this blog, that they would think of me as a hypocrite, especially if they are not around me on a daily basis today.

But believe me, I changed and people can change.  However, I didn't change alone.

Our character wake is the residue we leave behind by our actions in all areas.

This week, we will examine the character wake we leave in all we do and why it is vital to get it right and develop character in our children.