Parenting: The Character Profession Part II

Imagine this guys...

You have been married a few years now, you have some kids, you have a mortgage, you have responsibilities and stress.  You and your wife can never seem to find time to go on a date and sex is but once a month. 

You have a business trip to go to alone in Tellurude, CO.  The day you arrive you notice a young, beautiful woman from another company somewhere on the East Coast.  That night you have to work on your presentation so you go down to the hotel lounge, after a few hours of work and a few drinks you here "Hello."  It is her.  She sits down and asks about you, your life, your job.  She seems a lot more interested in you than your wife normally is, she compliments you on your hard work and position. This goes on for another hour, more drinks and more feeding your ego.  Then it happens.  She asks you to come up to her room for some more drinks. 

No one will know, No one from your company is here,  You are leaving tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, a lot of men make the wrong decision here.

Ask yourself this.

How many times have you driven without a seatbelt?
How many times have you exceeded the speed limit?
How many times have you had a few drinks and then driven home?

Now, if your child was to do any of these things, should you be able to reprimand them? 

Our children learn more by watching our actions and decisions than by anything we say to them. 

Even the littlest of character issues can set the example from our children.

Talking about someone from church or spreading rumors.
Speaking badly about the police after getting a ticket.
Not admitting to our children that we were wrong and made a mistake. 

I saw a great quote driving to work today and it further personifies the idea of Character and Integrity.

"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not."

Our final post will discuss some ways to further instill Character in our children.