Overwhelmed this Christmas Season

I have been on a long business trip that has taken me away from home since the 29th of November.  I am excited to be flying home tomorrow.  I am thankful for God's faithfulness in my life and His love for His servant (me).  There has been a song that has carried me through these past two weeks:  Big Daddy Weave - Overwhelmed.  The song goes like this (official video) [youtube id="BiGb14tTaH4" height="315" width="560"]

What overwhelmed me this morning was reading through Matthew, Luke and John about the birth and beginning:  It's all about Jesus.  The faithfulness of God throughout the entire lineage up to the birth of Jesus.  The love of God to let two wonderful servants meet this Savior before their death and the incredible love of what that means for all of us who profess His name:  Jesus.

I am not sure about you, but this whole thought overwhelms me!

Some thoughts and reflections for you this Christmas Season:

  • Read with your family through the advent book (click here to buy it)
  • Read the Gospels of the accounts of Jesus through God's inspired word and talk with your kids
  • Make the season about giving instead of focusing on getting
  • Bless another family or someone who has nothing
  • Serve in a soup kitchen
  • Insert your suggestions here:  ___________________

What about you?