New Year Resolutions


New Year's Eve is just around the corner and we are all another year older.  Some of us may have made resolutions last year and others have said that they don't believe in resolutions.  Some of us said that we were going to lose weight and others said that they were going to live healthier.  Whatever your lot in life, the New Year does have a tendency to have us reflect on what was and what will be.  Unfortunately, the last few months have brought a tremendous amount of financial crisis into the world markets.  Economists and scientists are predicting global recessions, others are predicting deflation for the US and still others are looking for end of the world type of philosophies.  Let's take this discussion to a more positve light.  As we open our Bible's to Philippians 4:12, "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength." 

As Lance has pointed out in the beginning of this website is that "the ultimate goal of Legacy Dad is to create this in our children: Security in their Hearts, Significance in their lives, Strength for the future, The "Real" Essential Life Skills, Spiritual Morals as A Compass." 

We can do this through Philippians 4:12-13.  We can start by leaving a legacy for our children to follow.  This starts with fathers being responsible with the gifts that God has given each and everyone of us.  We have to learn to be faithful in our walks and with our stewarship toward serving. This includes financial, emotional, physical and mental security for our children to see in us in order for them to achieve these same attributes.  What Paul is saying here is the doctrine of contentment.  It shouldn't matter what anyone else has or what we want, it should matter with us being content with what God has given us.  Being thankful and content when we are either hungry and suffering or full and blessed.

We have had the experts tell us that spending trillions of dollars to bailout Wall Street and Banks is the answer for our greed and uncontrollable debt.  We, unfortunately, have become a Nation of debt and greed.  The faster the technology, the more our desire is for more.  It is not our fault, or is it.  Can we control that desire for more in each one of us. The answer, of course, is not more debt and not leaving a legacy of unpayable debt to our children's children.  We need to be responsible for what God has given us to be steward over.

This brings me to the end of 2008 and looking forward to 2009.  After several discussions with a really good pastor friend of mine, we have decided that this could not be a better time for the church to reach out to those in need.  Pure religion in the eyes of our Father God is that which takes care of widows and orphans and avoids the ways of this World.  Now is the time for us to plan ahead on how we can help our church communities and our local communities.  What better time to follow Jesus's example of the two greatest commands.  

As we prepare to be better stewards, let's think about what we are going to teach our kids in 2009.  We can choose to show them to worry about the unknown (read Mathew 6 on "worry") or we can choose to live more responsibly and to be content with our gifts and our lots in life.  We can choose to serve our neighbor and open up our homes for those in need.  Remember, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

When I think about my 401K and my mortgage and my life savings and my dreams and aspirations, I can truly say that this is a year when I have real peace about the unknown.  First and foremost I plan on showing my wife and kids what it means to acknowledge God in all my ways and to put Him first.  Next, I plan on showing them how their daddy will pray and read his Bible and finally, I plan on being a better neighbor and friend to those in need.

What about you?  What do you plan on doing in 2009?  What "Kingdom" difference are you going to make in leaving a legacy for your wife and kids? For their wives (husbands) and kids?