Turning off ALL CAPS!!

I know this post will cause controversy as this movie then needs to be followed by an hour long discussion clarifying it's context to those who "don't get it."  However, I am in agreeance with Rob Bell on this issue and many others he speaks of.  

In my personal opinion, beating people over the head with the Bible or trying to scare them with "eternal damnation" will never bring lasting change.  There is the exception and God can work in mysterious ways, however, in 2010 very few people respond to condemnation and judgement by Christians.  

What I have seen work best with my generation (40 and under) is personal relationships and acceptance of all types of people and letting our Christian values and daily example speak for itself.  

Stop Judging.  Stop Condemning.  It's called the "Good" News not the Hellfire and Brimstone News.