My bucket list for Christmas 2012

As my wife and I move closer into the very dear and near season of Christmas we find ourselves talking about parenting and things that we have done so far to date with our kids.  Their ages range in the adolescent stages of life, yet we realize how important this stage is.   We have done very well, in my opinion so far, is their understanding of just how much God loves us (as I believe that they know unconditionally how much we love them) as God loves us.  My wife and I have been consistent in our parenting and the kids know that mom and dad mean what they say.  Please note that there is a lot more here to fill in, but I just want to talk about some of the details.

Places where we find ourselves both needing improvement is teaching them more responsibility and independence.  What I am saying here, is that we are not "helicopter parents" where we hover over them, but rather, we find ourselves doing for them just because that's what we do.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving my wife and I unplugged from television.  We turned it off.  The job I am in makes it almost impossible for me to completely "unplug" as my career and news flow is dependent on world events and weather, however, we did unplug from television.  There were a few reasons:  1) Our middle daughter was a little bit sassier and her wardrobe was changing.  2) The older and younger were too dependent on this and 3) one of their teachers challenged my son's class  just after we unplugged (the timing couldn't have been better).

This season of Christmas I decided to make a bucket list for myself and our family to do (feel free to let me know yours or if you have any better ideas).  Here it goes - 25 days of Christmas Bucket List (in no particular order):

1)  Do something nice for someone (serve them without expectation of receiving anything in return

2) Adopt a family for Christmas and share the blessing of giving moreso then receiving

3) Help someone in need (financially)

4) Help someone in need (spiritually)

5) Help someone in need (physcially)

6) Visit a charity/hospital and serve the people/patients

7) Invite family and friends to church (to hear the Gospel of CHRISTmas

8) Play board games with kids

9) Read "doors" book to our children (25 days of Christmas)

10) Visit our neighbors and serve them

11 thur 25 - what do you recommend?