Movie Review: When the Game Stands Tall

My wife and I recently rented the movie, When the Game Stands Tall.  We were very pleased with this rental and thoroughly enjoyed the life lessons that were taught in it.  A lot of these themes coincidentally lineup with Lance and I and to be more specific, line up with truth in Scripture. whenthegameIt amazes me when Hollywood veers away from truth in Scripture and tries to create their own dialogue and sensationalism (ie. Noah and Exodus - not true at all to Scritpure.  Hollywood needs to learn, that whether we like it, believe it, and or just down right demand it - there is a lot of wealth to be made if they stick to biblical truth and tell the story that God's word has been doing forever!

That being said, some life lessons that were given through the movie:

  • When you base your life on truth in Scripture (you will have a good life).  This does not mean that you will be free from trials and tribulations, but you will have a good life
  • Scripture (and the truth in Scripture) can change a community (For the better)
  • Do not ignore your primary role as spiritual leader to your wife and kids (it not only is your main directive, it is imperative to making their faith real)
  • Carry each others burdens (community is essential in the Christian life)
  • Forgive (even when it is hard)
  • Be humble in all circumstances

The movie was very entertaining and brought home so very biblical principles. movie review:  A-