Mothers and Wives

The Things Mothers Have Taught Me.
If it was not for a woman, I would most likely be in jail right now. Women tend to bring out the worst or best in men and I have been blessed to have known many women, some closer than others – Moms, Wife, etc. At times, I did not know that these women were subtly teaching me. They led by example, by humility and by courage. I could probably write pages on this subject but I will try to keep it to a few.     

 Women are the most selfless people I have met. I tend to be selfish while my wife is the exact opposite. Jesus never focused attention onto himself, but rather always on the Father and then His bride (the church). My wife’s example led me to follow Ephesians 5:25. My reward has been a wife who wants to serve me and an incredible, loving, passionate marriage and family.

My mother and wife have taught me that moms perform selflessly on a daily basis for their families – and one completely self-sacrificing act by giving her child life. Moms make sure everyone else is fed first and always offer their husband “the good piece of fish.” Moms get up in the middle of the night when children are sick. Moms drive endless hours to practices, games and meetings to support their children’s activities. In essence, a mother’s existence is one big act of selflessness. In my book, everyday should be Mother’s Day.   

Humility. My mother has taught me humility. In the past, I’ve leaned more towards pride and boastfulness. Society teaches men from an early age to be strong, self-reliant and competitive. But my mother, like Jesus, took a different approach. She set aside her pride and ego, and tried to submit herself to God. She has been through some tough times and showed me the value of gratefulness and being humble.

Kindness and Gentleness. I have learned that my anger can have a very negative effect on my whole family. My anger does not expose itself in a physical way but a verbal way. Husbands can speak life or death to a marriage or family simply by the words we use. I pray daily for God to help me to guard my tongue and try to only use words that edify and uplift others, not tear down or emotional scar. Again my wife and mother have set the example. 

Honesty. Our world is full of dishonesty and society seems to think lies have a sliding scale of severity. My wife has taught me that honesty will always prevail. Even when what we have to say may be hurtful, it is always better to be honest. In marriage, a pillar of communication, honesty will make or break your marriage. My wife is my helpmate and confidant, I tell her everything. I even warn other men not to share things with me that they do not want my wife to know about. Honesty has made the difference.    

Spiritual Gifts. This is one area that I have always struggled in. The Bible speaks of miracles and spiritual gifts but it always seemed so supernatural to me and unbelievable. My mother in law has recently learned the gift of healing, if I would have not seen it with my own eyes or heard of the countless eyewitness accounts, I would have never believed it myself. My mother in law cannot explain it in words but simply describes it as the Holy Spirit working through her. She has absolute faith. Miracles happen every day we are simply too blind or skeptical to actual see them most of the time.   

Unconditional Love. A marriage is never 50-50, it’s 100-100. Giving yourself unconditionally to another person or child is not easy for men. It takes combining all the above traits to truly commit to love somebody no matter what life throws your way. All the moms in my life have taught me that when you give your heart to someone, it is unconditional. You don’t withhold your love and kindness when times are tough or you don’t agree with your spouse or child. You love your children from the moment they are born until the moment you or they leave this earth and you never hold back. 

To my wife and my Moms who have taught me so much by saying so little, I thank you and love you so much. You have left a Legacy inside me and everyone you touch with your love, your warmth and your kindness. You are the reason I am the man you see in me today.

Happy Mother’s Day

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