Material Wealth Vs. True Wealth

I want to clarify something for you.When I talk about finances and wealth, I am not talking about striving for material wealth, this can be easy misunderstood.I am not saying to build wealth so you can buy more cars, more boats, more stuff.

What I am saying is build wealth for 2 reasons:

First, build wealth to free up your time.Most of us spend the best years of our lives working a job for money.We spend time away from our family, friends and loved ones, we miss birthdays, are stressed with deadlines and become a slave to the grind.So I am saying build wealth to buy back your time.Whatever income you need to live on, replace that with income from your investments and wealth so you are not relying on a job anymore unless you want to.

I am also not talking about sitting around all time and not contributing, I am talking about shifting your time to something that really fires you up, a job or position that you can’t wait to go and do each morning.

Some people actually get to work in their dream job and do not mind working, if this is you; I envy you and wish I could support my family doing my dream.For most this is not the case though.

Second, build wealth to fund your dreams, passions and worthy causes.I would love to work in full time family ministry, write books, teach parenting and marriage classes, and volunteer for organizations like Habitat for Humanity.But, my job keeps eating up most of my time and it takes money to fund and build a lot of these causes and ministries.

My definition of wealth is freedom.Freedom to do whatever I want, with whoever I want, for as long as I want and have the money to do it in style.This is wealth to me.

A full time spiritual philanthropist.

I also want to leave something behind. Leave a legacy in my children, my wife, from my faith and in my finances.I want to leave money to my children, my wife, my church and other worthy organizations.   

I hope this clarifies this a little better, I am not after flashy cars or new golf clubs but an ideal to leave a legacy in all areas including finances.

I will delve into this deeper in a future post called “The How Vs. The Why