Love & Respect

I have been looking at multiple articles around the internet and talking to my wife who majored in psychology and have been asking different couples what they think are some of the most important qualities that men and women desire for each other in marriage... This, of course, is open for debate and discussion with your spouse and friends.  Please have a real conversation and get to know what is really important to your spouse.  Are you two speaking each others list?

If not, pray on it (together).  Work on it! And, if needed, get pastoral counsel and or professional counsel and work through things.  A marriage is better together than apart!!!





What are the top 10 things a woman needs in marriage:

  • #10   A sense of value (she feels like she matters)
  • #9     Healthy Relationship (good communication, a sense of value
  • #8     Someone who is fun to be around (positive and healthy attitude of themselves and their spouse)
  • #7      Able to communicate (have a healthy conversation
  • #6      A Desire to be home and to be a family man (the husband desires to be home first before anywhere else)
  • #5      Shows emotional stability and maturity in relationships
  • #4      A man who has good character
  • #3      A man who is dependable
  • #2      A man who is loyal #1      Security  (she feels safe in the relationship, safe in her home, safe in life)

What are the top 10 things a man needs in marriage

#10   Affection (both touch and interaction) #9     The sense of Value (his capability to provide) #8     To be understood (you know them and understand who they are and why they do what they do) #7     To be appreciated and affirmed #6     A wife he can trust #5     To have a wife with ambition (she wants and desires to be there with him) #4     To be a great wife and mother #3     To have a pleasing disposition (fun to be around) #2     Emotionally Stable and Mature #1      A wife who respects him

What are some of your top 10's?


Blessings, Dante