So, as is often the case with we who write the unseen masses of the Internet's ether hordes, we often write to ourselves.  Like my follow up to Lance's "Plenitude" and adding "Servitutde". We've been loading you, our friends, with posts recently.  Actually, it's because we're under convictioAf6c689f-0[1]n regarding our own behavior in what is popularly known as the giving season.   My grandkids, who we visit for the long holiday season, gave me a really good idea to pass on to you.  It started last year...TO THEM.  Every evening around Christmas, the twelve before, to be exact, there was a knock at the door.  Everyone got excited, kids ran from everywhere in the house.  At the opened door was a gift, an ANONYMOUS gift; first one, eventually 12 (or symbolic 12).

I'm writing this is in our RV parked in the very small town of my grandkids near the famous Capital Reef National Park, Bicknell, Utah.  About 300 people.  My kids know most all of them, of course.  I'm waiting for the call.  It's because the older boys have excitedly turned the tables.  They have picked one family; they are fellow homeschoolers in town and very likely the poorest.  I'm the getaway driver. 

Yesteday, day four, it was four roles of toilet paper.  No kidding.  A note from the "Christmas Angels" is different each day.  It was the giving, not the gift.  We parked a half block away, lights out.  "Knock, knock, knock."  Run, lickity split.  Car spins away.  Can't wait to see tonight's.  Bottom line: giving and the joy and the fun of it.

And, there is momentum to serving.  The family invited the lonely and not-well neighbor over for Christmas dinner and the morning gifting.

SO, I WONDER...It's not too late to get the family into the act...the act of blessing and giving.  (Five roles of toilet paper?  Six candy bars?  Seven cans of soup?)  HAVE YOU BEGUN SERVING YOUR NEIGHBORS FOR CHRISTMAS YET?  

 AND DON'T FORGET:  2 Corinthians 9:11 You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

GARY (visit