Little Jimmy...

betty-littlejimmyThere was a family that had a story even before the marriage began.  That is, they were one of  “those” families.  The man and the woman were engaged to be married when she was found pregnant.  What shocked the community was that instead of putting her out (like she deserved) this man married her and did not know her until she bore this child.  She claimed she was a virgin impregnated by God through the Spirit – what kind of story is this?  As time would have it this boy was born and they gave him a name that meant God is Salvation.  Soon this family had other sons and daughters.  They grew in numbers and in outreach.  There was talk that when this child (the one that was born out-of-wedlock) was at a wedding he turned water into wine – some say that this was his first miracle before his Ministry began – a fascinating story that will have to be told another time. Today I wanted to tell you about his little brother Jimmy.  Really everyone else called him James, but I know him as little Jimmy.  It would seem like the family didn’t always like this child born of a virgin, but as time grew they began to see that something was different.  Little Jimmy had discernment, meaning he could tell truth from fiction any day of the week.  That is, he knew a fake when he saw one.  As his old brother, “J” grew in wisdom and stature and in miracles and so on, little Jimmy remained home with his mom and dad and other brothers and sisters.  Clearly, “J” was a big fan of his little brother.  I would even imagine that as the two grew up they encouraged each other and pushed each other to greater heights.  I would be willing to suggest that even though “J” was likely talked about (like the rest of their family) that little Jimmy didn’t care about what the others said, because he knew that his big brother was the real deal.  Not through miracles nor through the way he was with people, but because he knew that no matter what, his big brother was there for him whenever he needed him.

jamesYou see, little Jimmy went from nothing (as the world would see it) to a mega church leader overnight.  He was the authority in the Apostles lives.  He ruled over the first church with compassion and with a heart of making your faith real.  You see, Jimmy had a mentor who he would die for – because he did.  He knew this mentor was more than a brother – he was Salvation – he is the Word of God.  Little Jimmy was excited and even caused controversy in the later churches by suggesting that faith without works is dead.  Some people criticized him, but Little Jimmy scoffed back and said show me by your works and not just your belief.  He even had the courage to suggest that even demons believe in God, but they don’t have works.  Little Jimmy wrote a book that is in the Bible today.

Book-of-James-WordcloudMany say that Christianity isn’t real, that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, BUT little Jimmy would beg to differ.  After all, he was likely thrown from top of the temple only not to die and was stoned and clubbed to death thereafter without recanting his testimony about his big brother.  It doesn’t take anyone to say that they just believe, but it takes a real disciple to believe in the healing and saving power of his big brother – Jesus Christ.  You see, Little Jimmy knew by either trial and/or tribulation that God has a plan for each of us.  We are to count it as pure joy when we face these trials and tribulations.  Little Jimmy can speak from authority – he was the leader of the first church and he died for his belief in his big brother – because he knew that his big brother, Jesus, was the real deal and worth dying for.

It is one thing to believe, it is a complete different thing to die for your beliefs.   Again I say, they took this man and brought him to the top of the temple and through him off thinking that would kill him.  Historians believed that he didn’t quite day and on the ground he prayed for those that afflicted him.  He was then stoned to death by the Pharisees that were watching from the ground.  Right before he died, he was supposedly hit over the head which would be the fatal blow.  Little Jimmy was forever forward known as James the Just.

Things we learn from Little Jimmy:

  • Don’t fear trial and tribulation.  When you are in those situations look on it as pure joy that your faith is being tested
  • If you lack wisdom and understanding, don’t give up, pray for it from God the Father
  • Persevere for you will be blessed
  • Every good gift is from God above
  • Don’t just hear the word (of God) do what it says
  • Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry
  • Pure religion is this:  To visit orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep yourself from being corrupted by the world
  • Do not show partiality to anyone, whether rich or poor or lowly or high in stature
  • Love your neighbor as yourself (he got this from His big brother too)
  • Faith without works is dead, you cannot just say you believe in God, even the demons do and shudder, you must have good works in you (if the Spirit of God is in you – then good works would automatically flow from you)
  • Control yourself, your anger, do not give into it for it will send you to hell if you do (or at least others will feel like you are or that you want them to)
  • If you lack, it is not because that is God’s will, it is because you do not ask (contentment is the secret to life)
  • Do not speak evil against anyone
  • Do not be confident in tomorrow nor hold good from today
  • Do not put faith in riches and things of this earth, instead put them in Jesus – Savior of the World
  • Do not grumble, instead be patient
  • Pray often, if someone is sick call the elders to pray and anoint them
  • When in doubt pray more often
  • If your brother wanders from the word (truth) the brother who brings him back will save his soul and cover a multitude of sins

I do not know about you, but little Jimmy is one of my favorite people in God’s Kingdom.