Legacy Ready to Roll (Rite of Passage)

Came across this very legacy-ish dialog below while updating the Year of Passage outline with soninlaw Matt for Taylor to be 12 in two weeks.  It’s an outline that may prod you.  Glad to answer questions and give references on the Passage issue.  If the year 12 to 13 is to have a meaningful memorializing at “graduation,”  it should be intentional, deliberative, and taken seriously enough to pray over all the prep as well as launching the event. 


Ours launching event is coming up in a week.  Family joining us from Utah.  First event is a glider flight for Taylor.  Then he writes about it, 500 words or more.  (Homeschooled, so Mom gives credit).  Next is Scripps Oceanographic museum then whale-watching trip.  Another essay.


Here’s my dialog with Todd on John Eldredge's Ransomed Heart Net (you should all visit, join..Powerful: www.ransomedheart.net )


Todd, what a cherished photo. What a great drill it would be to re-post it and ask guys for a one or two-sentence caption. Mine might be, "Dad, that looks so beautiful out there...so big, so, well…scary. I'm not sure I'm ready. Would you lead me?"    [Photo of great expanse from edge of cliff during a father-son “Passage” camp out]


Swiss Army knife. A Blessing. It's authority comes from On High. Through you. Maybe through your dad even grand dad. Legacy. Particularly because it was intentional, the keystone of true love.


My 11 and 9 and their dad and I just returned from a cattle drive; a big one. They have their Leatherman's, boots, hats, and ropes. I wanted my love, framed in intentional (grand) fathering, to be distinct. I'm pretty much a "tell it" didactic guy. So, I began a monthly letter to each. Short and age-readable. Same topic for them and their 6 year-old princess sister (hey, let’s be sure to remember our fathering include the girls, a hard one to get right--impossible if mom is not on the "fathering team"). I mail each one real mail separately.


When "Popi" comes to visit, it's date time. This round it was both of the boys at McDonalds, Happy Meals and all. We discuss the letter which they read in their home schooling. Letter Three was Walking with God. They got it. Last week's #4 was "Goals" (this year, this life). The ten-year-old got it: "I want to lead someone to God". I withheld testosterone tears but still shouted, "Wow!"  The 8, as is his ADHD wont, went all over the place but ended with, "Be really good." Their dad, for whom I am " Adjunct Fathering Team Dad," follows this up in dad talks. I think I am going to staple these in my journal form with their responses for posterity.


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