Legacy Legalism

I want to admit something to everyone.

At times I suffer from Legalism, I look around and wonder, why do people do this or raise their children that way or handle their finances this way.  I'm guilty. 

God gives each of us spiritual gifts for us to develop, but these gifts God gave to us alone.   Sometimes we get so fired up in our gifts that we look around and ask, "Why don't people get it?"  "Am I the only one that sees the truth?"

This type of thinking leads to prejudging people and legalism. 

I believe that Legacy Dad is a calling of mine but this calling is my path.  Not everyone will take this path and not everyone should. 

I apologize if sometimes I come off as "all knowing"  I certainly am not all knowing and in fact I struggle in many areas.  I usually write from a point of learning after the fact. 

Meaning, the reason I write on certain topics is because I've already made mistakes in these areas and I am now writing about my failures to share, reflect and learn. 

I honestly hope my tone to readers does not come off as "all knowing" but in fact a tone of sharing and learning. 

I guess I can only pray that I let God work through me and focus less on my plan and more on his.