Leaving a legacy

Often I find myself asking myself if I am doing enough as a dad.  That is, to say, could I be doing more for my children.  This past Memorial Day weekend was both busy and relaxing.  On Friday, I picked up the two older children and my wife had a birthday party to attend with our youngest.  We went out for tacos and then to see the Avengers (will post on that at a later date).  Saturday was our men's group. It was a very good morning that led to some very heartfelt conversations among men.   We went to church that night and just relaxed the rest of the evening. On Sunday, I found myself waking up very early and then as I heard the kids rustling around, I told them to get ready for breakfast (yes, I left the wife to sleep in).  We drove to their choice (Dunkin Donuts) and then I took them to a Memorial Park where they read and saw statures, military equipment and testimonies of those passed who died and sacrificed for our freedoms.  It was very humbling to know that these kids understood what sacrifice meant ("like what Jesus did for us").


I think about the sacrifices that soldiers make everyday for us (in this country) and they ask for so little in return - very humbling.  If the day could not have been any more somber, I drove home and helped the wife get ready for some friends that we had over.






I looked at the refrigerator and found this note from my son.  The note was a reminder from a time where I had to drop the hammer on my son and only later to reveal the consequences, attitude and gravity of the circumstance and later followed up by mercy and love.  To my surprise, after I felt like I really blew it as a dad, I found this note on my desk from my son.

It is little reminders like this, that we, Legacy Dads, have to remember to serve our wives and kids well.  We have to remember to finish well and first and foremost we have to serve our God with the presence of Coram Deo.

Food for thought,