It's been awhile

Wow, what a summer.  Hard working dad, kids playing, summer cookouts, running, jumping and playing - where does all the time go.  We are looking forward to Lance returning for some much needed family time (praying for you brother!) and for legacy dad's around the world.  As you know, the three of us have been very busy.  Gary is in the process of unveiling Generational Fathering (if you Google that - you can find him very simply).  I have been going through some tenuous trials and tribulations in my life and have been patient, for the most part going through these.

The one thing that would really help the three of us, if is you readers would give us comments, feedback and or questions and concerns about being a legacy dad.  I have stated three very important pillars of legacy that we have to yield to in order to be successful (in other words, to be a better disciple):  They are 1) Biblical Purity 2) Biblical Stewardship & 3) Discipleship.  Purity, I think, is the best way that we can align ourself with obedience and move from a "pew sitter" to a heavy hitter in the Kingdom of God.  Through Purity, we can allow the Holy Spirit free reign in our lives and to direct and lead us to the men that God wants us to be.   Mom&bella

Stewardship is the next phase in which we, legacy dads, can be obedient with our fruit and honor God with our giving.  But this is not just about tithing, rather, this is about are very act of Worship.  Through Stewardship, we are able to test God (the only time in Scripture that it says we can ever test God, the Italian book - The Book of Malachi 3:10).  Through Stewardship comes biblical contentment and true humility.  Through Stewardship, we learn through the Holy Scriptures, how to impact others in the Kingdom through giving of our tithes and offerings to the Lord.

Discipleship is a life long process.  To put it simply, we have to move to the school of "Less of Me & More of God."  If we can move to obedience and true repentance, then we can learn God's will for our lives through prayer, reading of Scripture, preaching, praise and teaching.  We can grow into the men that God wants us to be.  It ain't easy, but it sure is worth a lot more than what the things of this world can give you.  As the Book of Ecclesiastes tells us, "everything under the sun is pure vanity without God."

It's time we hear from you!